We're excited about a new robot arm on Kickstarter that is already approaching 500% of their desired funding level. The Dobot is a great quality, high precision, Arduino-powered, 4-axis industrial style robot arm. If you are in need of an inexpensive robot arm that has enough precision to thread a needle, the Dobot will be of great interest. We happy to annouce our support for this platform and will be adding a dedicated module, examples and tutorials on how to use vision with the Dobot for industrial type tasks. If you browse to Dobot with the above link and back one of the robot pledges at or above $500 they will provide a $20 coupon. We are also offering RoboRealm at a 20% discount to Dobot backers.

Please note, the Dobot is currently on Kickstarter so this module will not be available until after the campaign is over. The following represents the current module interface that is subject to change as tutorials are added.



The interface screenshot shows the RoboRealm module as it is currently designed. The main robot simulation will represent the currently known state of the Dobot and allow drag and drop movement of the robot to new locations. This visual representation of the robot also allows you to review robot movements (in simulation mode) before activating the real hardware.

The sequencing interface provides a way to sequence several movements into a more sophisticated movement scenario such as picking, grasping, etc. an object and moving it to a specific location based on the object type (object sorting). This sequencing can access all other RoboRealm variables generated by other vision based modules such as the Object Recognition or Barcode modules.

At the top of the interface are the specific robot coordinates whose values can be specified manually or via control of variables (dropdown menu). This generic variable interface allows any module within RoboRealm to generate variables that can move the robot to specific locations or in specific ways simply by changing the value of a variable. For example, one can use the Joystick module to create variables that represent a custom control technique specific to your requirements. Once in an appropriate position the coordinates can be added as a preset or to a sequence to teach the robot where to go next during its operation. Manual movement using the sliders, spin boxes or the green arrow interface can also be used to fine tune positions as needed.

This same variable control of the robot can move the robot towards a recognized object position (object origin) to trigger an inspection sequence that will investigate specific areas of the object in close camera view (such as missing screws, leds, etc.).

RoboRealm is committed to supporting the Dobot and will provide tutorials/examples on how to use vision with the Dobot in the following weeks. We welcome your feedback on which solutions would be the most interesting to backers.

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