Display Rectangle

The Display Rectangle module provides a way to draw a four point convex rectangle/polygon. The rectangle points can be specified as static numbers or accessed from variables in two different formats. Note that the rectangle is draw into the current image and will affect subsequent processing.



1. Color - Select the appropriate rectangle color

2. Fill - Select if the rectangle should be filled or empty

3. Display as Annotation - Select if you want the graphic to be draw after all processing has been completed. If this is NOT selected then the next module in the processing pipeline will see the graphic as if it were part of the image and process it accordingly.

4. Data Source - Select where the rectangle coordinates should be taken from.

Static - specify the integer coordinates for the rectangle
Variable - specify the 8 variables that contain the vertices the rectangle
List - specify the variable that contains a list of coordinates that specify rectangles. The format of the variable should be x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,x4,y4 for each rectangle to be drawn.

5. Clear current image - Select to clear the current image and draw the graphics on a black image.


Display Rectangle

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