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Blob Size Filter

The Blob Size filter can be used to remove objects below a certain size. The Threshold histogram seen in the Blob Size interface is used to threshold the image into object/no object values. Once objects have been identified you can use the 'size histogram' slider to remove objects below a certain pixel size. Note that the pixel size is the objects pixel area.

Note that this module includes an intensity threshold function. If you want to use color to create a thresholded image see the Threshold function.



1. Intensity Threshold - Select the appropriate threshold cutoff. All pixel intensities that fall below the cutoff will be set to black. This allows the module to determine separated blobs and their respective size. Note that if you already have a binary image specification of the cutoff may not be needed.

2. Object Area - Select the appropriate blob area to remove from the image. Enter the value into the "pixel area" textbox if above 256 pixels or drag the move over the small cursor above the histogram to move the level.

3. Limits - You can also chose to remove all but the X largest blobs. Enter that number into the "limit to" textbox. Note that if you specify 1 in the "limit to" textbox the pixel area value is essentially ignored.

4. Create Mask - If you want to create a binary black/white image from the results select the "Create Mask" check box.

5. Treat as Color Image - Indicates to the module to use the objects color to determine when a new object is encountered. If this is not checked any pixel that is non-zero is considered object whereas any black pixel is not. Selecting this checkbox will caused objects next to each other with different colors (such as the Color Mask after the Color Filter module) will cause the objects to be analyzed separately.


Original ImageBlobs < 240 removed


BLOB_SIZE_COUNT - The number of remaining objects after the blob size module is done.

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