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API / Integrate in VB.NET
Bongo from Burma
2 years
Hello RR community,

I have assigned project to work on and I'm wondering how exactly RR API works if that's what i need at all. I'm familiar with the interface but never tried the API module. From my previous experience I know that a camera used in real time within RR cannot be accessed from another application. It becomes 'busy'. The thing is I have to create a VB.NET application and I wonder if there is a way to put the RR camera image in the form. A.k.a to see what RR sees. Also would be great if I can manipulate (read/write) some variable directly from there but that's not a must. Do you know some available examples out there for such or similar scenarios? Also is there a way to force a camera-snapshot from the VBScript module?

Thank you in advance.

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