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Fiducial Module Causes RR to Crash
BE from United States
2 years
I have several problems with the fiducial module.  I created a simple robo file that contains only one entry, which is the fiducial module with the default settings (except set to find the 1 best fiducial).  I created a new fiducial and added it to the default fiducials directory.  RR crashed multiple times with just this one-line robofile - you should have received several of the crash reports.

There are a few notable behaviors...

1) I assume the training results are supposed to be preserved in the roborealm.fiducial file.  However, upon subsequent close/open of RR, RR never seems to remember the training - only the original fiducials from the RR install are remembered.

2) The crashes seems to happen more rapidly if I check the box to "Monitor and Retrain..."

My user-defined fiducial and my roborealm.fiducial file are attached.

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