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Steven Gentner from United States 2 years

Change your thinking to avoiding modules instead of cancel/deleting or disabling modules. You can always use an IF_Statement module to skip around a couple other modules that should not be executed at a particular time. Changing the value of a single variable using whatever (VBScript, API, etc) will allow you to turn the innards of the IF_Statement on or off.

You can also use the Call module with a [tab_to_call] variable that can be set to call or not call a particular tab. This is the way one can simulate subroutines ... i.e. put a function or sub within a tab and then only call it when needed from the Main tab.

Using the

SetVariable "X", Y

in the VBScript can be used to enable or disable sections using these techniques. You don't disable modules directly, just change a variable that includes/excludes code.

Does that make sense?


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