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Nathan Frost from United States  [1 posts]
5 year
Hi... I am new to RR and would like to do some Object Recognition with two USB cameras.  I have a program that has 4 Tabs.  Main, Camera1, Camera2, and Combine.

I followed an example from this forum that described using Variable for Active_Tab and then Call Tab Module to switch from one tab to another as needed.  This seems to work in the example provided in Forum but I cannot get it to work for my case.

I'd really like to run Tab (Camera1) in a loop until 5 matches are found, then do the same for Tab (Camera2), then display the results in a Mosaic image in Tab (Combine)

I've attached my project... Hopefully someone can help me out, I must be missing something simple here.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 5 year

I don't see anything in your code that would change the active_tab variable to anything but Cam1. I suppose after the 5 objects is discovered in Cam1 tab you would want to

SetVariable "active_tab", "Cam2"

to switch the processing to the second tab.

Note, I'd remove the Combined tab and just include that single module in the Main tab to ensure you always see the final combined image. Note too that only 1 image will update at any time. I.e. when Cam1 is the active_tab then the one image will update but not the next. Same when Cam2 is run.

If you want both images updating all the time, move the Camera module from the CamX tabs into the Main tab and reference the appropriate Marker in those tabs ... this will ensure both cameras are updated every cycle of the pipeline. However, this may not be desired since that would overwrite the image that triggered the change from Cam1 to Cam2. Perhaps you can backup a bit and describe more about what you are trying to accomplish.


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