Track object and measure thickness
6 year
Could anyone briefly let me know how to track a dynamic object while measuring its thickness repeatedly?

I know how to track an object, how to measure.
but don't know how to make the measurement following a moving object.

Please advise. Thanks
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 5 year
It will depend on the object (sample image?) and how you expect to measure thickness. To get an actual cm or mm measurement from a camera you will need to know the distance of the object to the camera (i.e. depth). As you can get an objects pixel size thickness, you need to know how that pixel count relates to real world ... but if you only need to compare the thickness to a known size that can avoid this real world calculation. I.e. if you expect the object at some distance to be say 20 pixels and instead you get one that is 15 or 25 that would probably indicate an error. This relative measurement is much easier to do that known actual real world coordinates.

Have a look at the auto image calibration module for another way to do this if the object is relatively flat.


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