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Bob Simmons from Your Country  [13 posts]
12 days
Hi STeven,

Is there a way to programmatically train images for matching - for example for "Object Matching" and "Image Matching" using VB.Net?

Steven Gentner from United States  [261 posts] 7 days

If you look in the training GUI on those modules where you specify which folder to use you will notice a "monitor folder" checkbox. Once that is set, the system will update its training DB each time an image is added or removed from that folder.

So no need to use the API to force a training ... just place a new image into that folder and have that checkbox checked.

Bob Simmons from Your Country  [13 posts] 7 days
STeve - thanks for the reply.

Background - I am developing an inspection machine - I am trying to build a library of parts.  I am putting a single part (with possible alternates) in a directory to be trained.  However, The part to match changes possibly with every individual inspection. So I  am creating a directory for each unique part because there will be a lot of them.  

So, is there a way to change the training directory programmatically on the fly from VB.net?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1371 posts] 6 days

That's not the ideal way to use the Object Recognition module as its very slow to train since it assumes a relatively stable database. I'd try to put all objects within a single folder structure and see how the training works on those. If you have more than about 10 objects I'd recommend looking into a different route .. perhaps using the Image Matching or other modules that are better tuned to hundreds of objects. You will find the OR module will really slow down for each new object added ... and perform even worse if the database has to be retrained for each new image. So no, there isn't any way to trigger a re-train of the directory other than just placing new images within that folder structure with the auto-train checkbox in the training dialog checked.

Most people gravitate towards the OR module but in fact really  need something simpler. If your QA process can be done in a more systematic way like using the Blob Filter that might be a better way to do. We've not used the OR module in any QA process yet!


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