T. from Netherlands  [3 posts]
2 months

I am trying to setup a virtual camera, but the drivers will not install. I get the following message:

Vcam roborealm1 installation failed (2). Please exit any applications using VCAM and try again!

Roborealm is the only program running showing 2 camera's with the Mosaic module. There are no other programs using VCAM I could find. This is where I am stuck. Any ideas will be very helpful.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1365 posts] 2 months

You can try installing the VCam directly by using either InstallVCam32.exe or InstallVCam64.exe that are in the c:\Program Files\RoboRealm folder.

1. Try right clicking on those and select "Run As Administrator" since they install kernel drivers and need admin rights to do so.

2. Watch the bit type. If you are running on a 64 bit machine, try using the corresponding 32 or 64 file.

3. Try this with RR exited just in case its the app that's holding the connection!

4. You can also try going to your Device Manager and removing all current (perhaps badly installed) VCam drivers by removing them before attempting a reinstall.

Hopefully that should do it!


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