Running multiple RoboFiles simultaneously
Tim from United States  [9 posts]
7 year
Hello, Is it possible to run multiple Robofiles at the same time? I have the commercial version of the software and use it to compare images, from multiple machines loading images simultaneously, the issue I am having is the when one set of images is captured it is done rapidly enough that the previous let has not completely processed the the roborealm software. It reads the new path variable and does not complete the previous. I have multiple licences of the software but my main robofile is running on a server. Is it possible to run more than one instance of roborealm at a time? or is there a way for me to enforce it to complete the first set of images before reading switching over to the next?

thanks in advance!
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

Yes, you can enable multiple instances by either selecting

Options button->Application Tab->Allow Multiple ...

or if you just need to allow another instance without changing that setting you can run RoboRealm.exe while holding down the ALT key (this is different than the CTRL key which resets the configuration).

While this is possible, you may find that the solution of checking the variables before reading in a new path to be a better and less complicated way to go. Running multiple instances works but can be very confusing when debugging or making updates!

Androidrobo from India  [7 posts] 6 year
Yes. It is possible to run multiple threads at the same time. Calling the start() method automatically calls the run() method. Usually, the run() method is overridden by the users. When it is not overridden you just don’t see the run() method executing. But creating a thread through start() automatically calls the run() method.

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