Failed to render streams
Ali G├╝lmen from Turkey  [8 posts]
8 year
Hello Steven,
I have problem with my roborealm.
it shows such error although there is no application which is working with camera. I don't get any error in different computers with the same program. Do you have any idea about this error message? What could be wrong with my computer or roborealm?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
In case others have the same issue ... the error is generated by the underlying DirectX Windows environment. What it basically means is that given the output of the camera Windows cannot find a suitable driver that can understand the format that the camera is producing. This typically indicates a failed driver install or a corrupted DirectX installation. I would try reinstall the camera drivers (or delete them from the machine and plug the camera back in) and/or update the DirectX environment by download that from MSDN.


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