FRC Nettables
sandy currie from United States  [9 posts]
6 years
I am having problems with roborealm that I suspect may be a problem with writing to nettables.  Roborealm is hanging and stops processing images.  As soon as I disable the driver station, roborealm pops up with an error message that roborealm has stopped.  I need to go to the task manager to end the task to clear it from memory.  I am just starting to troubleshoot and discovered that there might be an errorlog file that might be helpful.  Has there been any reported problem with this function, and are there any suggestions on how to best troubleshoot?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 6 years

There can be many possibilities with network that cause this. Its possible that a firewall or router inbetween RR and the Desktop station suddenly decides that this port is invalid. Its also possible that its not the network tables module but some other module causing the slowdown. Can you disable all but the network tables module and see if that helps?

The way the network tables module is created is that it is network speed independent with regards to the processing in RR. I.e. even if a lot of data is sent over a slow network the pipeline will NOT be affected by that. The data is sent asynchronously from the main pipeline processing.


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