Image analysis for timer application
4 years
I was wondering if we could use this software to help assure the quality of raw bamboo that we export from Central America. Basically we would have pictures of a stack of bamboo poles and need to be able to count and measure for quality. Is that something your software could manage? Also on what devices does it work? A tablet, smartphone, or just a computer?

Here is an example photo. Would you be able to count and measure each object?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1416 posts] 4 years

Thanks for posting the image. While I think it is possible to come up with a solution using just vision, the task will take much longer and cost a lot more than you are perhaps willing to undertake. There are a lot of issues with using this image as is since a lot of the ends of the bamboo are occluded from the camera view. This can be overcome by using more cameras but would also involve stitching the multiple images together to ensure overcounting does not happen. In addition, shadows from neighboring ends will hide others that are shorter than the others.

It might be possible to use a depth camera to see if the ends become more pronounced than in the visual space. Or perhaps using line lasers to scan in the stack would be possible research areas.

Unfortunately, this task isn't going to be easily solved using traditional vision without months (if not years) of additional research.

A alternative approach may be to create a hybrid method where one or more images are taken but then a human with the help of an image labeling application could count the bamboo. As in a human would select the ends and the application would help keep track of what is counted and what is not ... but I doubt the quality would be much better than just weighing the full stack and using that as a rough count.


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