image after motion/movement stops
Malcolm Kynoch from Canada  [3 posts]
8 year

I have a camera mounted above a production line,  the line moves roughly every 20- 30 sec (varies by product).

I've had success processing the image for the final result. (ocr etc).

what approach should I take to have RR basically loop a procedure triggered once motion stops?

The location of the camera is close and the frames vary drastically while the product is in motion, so I'm not concerned about RR being able to detect the motion.  I m just confused how i can use the movement module to achieve it :)


Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

It would depend on what action you need to invoke after the movement. For example, based on the results of the Movement module (perhaps you are checking the MOVEMENT_PERCENT) you would need to send a signal to an external device or set another variable that is accessed via the API.

If the procedure you are talking about should happen within RR then once the movement module no longer detects motion it would have to set a state variable that would change the function that RR is doing.

We often use tabs for this purpose and use the Set_Variable module to set something like 'execute' to 'monitor' just once (for init purposes). Then in the main tab use Call [execute] which will jump to a tab called 'monitor'. This would check for motion. Once motion stops the motion tab would change this variable to 'process' which would then execute a 'process' tab instead of the 'execute'. And so forth. What this does is allow you to use a single variable as a function name to execute and have each tab change the state as needed.

If you have more information about this process that you need to execute I can probably be a bit more specific.


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