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Stephen from Australia  [2 posts]
8 year
G'day one and all,

I'm a new user of RoboRealm and found out about this excellent software via the Dobot kick-starter project.

After searching through the forums I found a couple of old closed posts relating to RoboRealm on RaspberryPi but couldn't see any further followups.

Is there any progress on this?  Especially now with RPI 2?

What I'd like to see is an executable version of RoboRealm, where I can save the .robo file from the PC to the RPI version and would operate in an operation mode aka non development.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

There is development in this direction but has been sidelined due to high priority projects (such as x64, DoBot, etc.) We should get back to this development by the end of the year but will still not be ready till about mid next year.

Keep in mind that even with an exe running on the PI2 it will be VERY slow in comparison to a regular PC. So unless you need very simplistic tasks you'd be better off with a small PC . We've found that the Winbook is a good compromise in comparison to the PI2 and also offers a touch screen which is very useful.

Stephen from Australia  [2 posts] 8 year
completely understand and thanks for the update.   Looking forward to the DoBot and the plugin.



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