coin sorting based on shiny or not
Peter from Australia  [1 posts]
8 year
Hey, can this software be used to sort coins based on how shiny or dirty they are?

For example if I wanted to sort dirty coins from nice clean coins.

I was thinking of having a conveyor belt, or rolling down on a descending ramp. As the coins pass the camera the software recognises a clean coin and lets it continue. but if it sees a dirty coin then it pushes it off the conveyor belt to separate the coins.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

Yes, this is possible. There may be a limitation on what types of coins you can process since the reflective nature can differ from coin to coin but as long as you know the majority of coins that you expect to process one can calibrate the system accordingly.

The issue with coins is lighting. In your case a lot of direct light would be a good thing since shiny coins will reflect a lot of light while others will not. Just be sure that the conveyor belt or surface is as black matte as possible to avoid it reflecting light. If that's possible then a simple setup of how bright a coin is will indicate how shiny it is.

As some coins are just colored differently they will reflect a different amount of light, thus for those coins the threshold of lighting that defines shiny versus not may be a bit different.

If you post an image from the cameras perspective in the setup your are thinking off we can better confirm what might work or not. Ideally this would be an image of two coins, one shiny and one not with the expected lighting being used. That is needed to confirm the above theory.


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