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Frank Lorenzi from United States  [11 posts]
8 year
How do I get Robo-realm to alert or signal when it identifies an object?  I would like Robo-realm to alert and send a signal to an exterior device.  Like a12v signal that would turn another camera on and off or turn a 12v solenoid on or off.  Thanks. Joe
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

that will depend on what hardware you have interfaced to your PC. You would need some sort of external board like an Arduino in order to interface directly to a solenoid. Once you have decided on that piece of hardware you can either use one of the current RR modules to interface to that device or use something generic like the Serial/Socket or perhaps Parallel port module to communicate to that external device.

Perhaps something like




but this is one option among 100s. Take some time and see if you can find the right device for you.

Frank Lorenzi from United States  [11 posts] 8 year
Steve, thanks for your quick response.  I’m slowly figuring out how to use RoboRealm and LifeCam.  The tutorials and forums have been very helpful.  I will figure out what hardware I need and then investigate the modules.  Thanks again.  Joe
Frank Lorenzi from United States  [11 posts] 8 year
Steve, I have added a




to my system and I can manually turn on a small light by manually toggling the digital output check box on the Phidget InterfaceKit 2/2/2 control panel. Now I would like to turn on the light when my camera sees a red ball.  

My camera can detect the red ball and it flashes “Shape_Lable” when it detects the ball.  I am having trouble setting up a the Parallel Port module the right way.  I have read the material on the Parallel Port but still can not get it to turn the light on.  Can you advise? Am I using the right module?  See attached screen capture.  Thanks.  Joe
Frank Lorenzi from United States  [11 posts] 8 year
Parallel Part Module screen capture.

Anonymous 8 year
I have the green and blue wires (pin 10 and 11) from the 1011_0 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2
connected to the 3052_1 - SSR Relay Board 2.5A.

Everything seems to work okay on the Phidget side.  I cannot seem to get the Parallel Port module to work correctly.

Thanks in advance.  Joe

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