Depth sensor to RR
3 years
Hi, I would like to know is it possible to interface a depth sensor  with RR?
IF yes, how?

My requirement is to measure the depth of a pool and use image processing in RR to perform some tasks..

Thanks in advance.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 3 years
While there are modules for the Kinect and senz3D devices (not to mention just using an IR or Sonar sensor on an Arduino) I don't think that would be needed to check pool depth. Normally a pool has either a physically painted measurement or other textures that can be used with a simple RGB camera to determine the depth.

For example, see the attached image grabbed from a google image search. The tiles are a good indication of how deep the pool is. If you can determine the distance from the water to the top of the pool using the tile structure as a background you can determine the depth from that pixel measurement based on where the camera is located. Its assumed the camera does not move and that the pattern can be reliably detected.

A depth camera might be able to do the same thing but because of the reflective nature of water they may not work at all if they are light based. Using a simple RGB camera actually uses this disruptive optical quality of water to determine a water/air boundary against a the background of a pool wall to determine the same measurement.

If you have a couple images to spare that we can use, we can work up a quick tutorial on how this could be done.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 3 years
Pool photo attached.


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