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Allan from United Kingdom  [1 posts]
3 years
We currently make the speedo and tacho dials for cars.

We're looking to put in some kind of vision system to check if the graphic position is within tolerance and give it a pass or a fail.  

I realise this is pretty vague but would it possible to check if the symbols fall within a certain position on the dial?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1407 posts] 3 years

Yes, that is possible. There are various ways to accomplish this depending on what tolerances are required which will depend on the way the dial is presented to the camera. In the case of a completely orthogonal (top down) perspective and a stable distance from the camera one can orient the image and compare it directly with a know template. The differences can then be quantified by comparing pixels directly.

The included image is even easier than that since it has a characteristic hole in the middle which can also be used for translation alignment ... but I'm going to assume that the actual image will not have this.

Ideally, we can continue this investigation with an actual part image as a lot of what the best technique to use will depend on the part itself and the position of the camera. Please use the site's contact form to send us your email so that we can continue this in private.


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