banknote recognition
Doria from Egypt  [2 posts]
7 year
Hello all,

I am working on a small project to detect all the banknotes pass in front of camera. I do not know how roborealm distinguishes between consecutive papers. If anyone know please tell me.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 7 year

There are many ways to accomplish this that will depend on the environment/context of how the images are taken. If you have sample images that you can post that the camera would see that also REALLY helps to refine what may or may not work.

Is the point to detect different currencies? Or to inspect the quality? Or perhaps another reason? The purpose of the comparison will also influence the best technique to use.

Doria from Egypt  [2 posts] 7 year


- It is a real time environment. It is a continues stream of banknotes comes consecutive in front of the camera, so any currency comes in front of the camera should be detected immediately. The purpose of the project is to count the money, so the information i need from the paper is its value.
- Yes, different currencies should be detected.

Many thank.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 7 year

Given the enormous amount of currencies in the world this is not really a small project but quite an involved one. Given that the reliability needs to be very high (if not 100%) this will be a VERY difficult project. My recommendation would be to start small, take some video of what the camera would see and play around with that video in terms of detection.

I would expect that the Object Recognition module using Feature points would be the one to test for this. Keep in mind that the note needs to be presented in a full frontal view without any perspective so the position of the camera is also important. Ideally in a top down view with no distortion and good lighting.

Given that you'd probably need about 1000 template images to compare with the computing requirements may far exceed a single computers ability ... but for now, don't worry about that until you know more about the performance specific to your project.


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