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Hi STeven,

Was not able to continue from the previous post as it does not show in the forums.  The difference with this camera is it a USB camera connected to the roboRio where as in the past it was an IP Axis camera.  We did look at the HTTP_read module but the camera Microsoft Lifecam HD3000 does not show in the camera type pull down list.  Could you suggest one from the list you may think might be most likely to work?  I would think the only difference is the camera feed is now coming from the roboRio instead of the Axis camera.

I plan to check the camera packets with wire shark tonight if we can't get to work and see if they are still using the same ports, I would think so.

Also the Read_HTTP is asking for a username and password which in the past I believe was connecting to the camera.  So I'm not real sure what to enter and think just leave blank.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

I think you are on the right track. The HTTP_read would not show the USB Microsoft camera since that would only happen on the RoboRio. The key to this is the dashboard. It has to get that camera feed from the RoboRio which is most likely acting like the CRIO did in the past which would allow the Dashboard to access the camera over HTTP like the RoboRio is an IP camera (again, I'm guessing since I can't verify this). So, if you use something like wireshark and then launch the Dashboard you should see a HTTP request to the RoboRio which will look the url that you used to access the IP camera.

However, the following post


refers to some "Simple Vision sample program". Do you have access to that program and can paste the code that the post is referring to? This would help explain how the image is being transmitted.


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