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nurul from Australia  [2 posts]
4 years
I am using Roborelam software to detect dead embryos which are black in color. RGB filter is used in this case. I am using 3 different USB camera right now for testing.

A) Dinolite (5 Megapixels, 30 fps)
B) Dinolite (0.3 Megapixles, 60 fps)
C) IDS camera UI336xCP-C (2 Megapixels, 150 fps)


For camera A:

-able to run the pipeline accordingly
-can be easily detected by roborealm software
-however, low fps makes the detection slower

For camera B:

-sometimes facing problems in detecting the camera
-slows down roborealm software when the ''camera'' and ''run'' icon is click

For camera C:

-same problem faced as camera B

For all these camera settings, a backlight platform is used. To have a black image of the embryos. Only camera A able to work with it.


a) Which type of camera is suitable for my applications? I need to run the embryos under camera that have high fps.

b) What kind of camera properties that is important to support Roborealm software?

Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 4 years
a) In order to measure the actual camera FPS you need to untoggle the Run button such that no modules are running. What happens with the modules running is that they require CPU cycles which will slow down the actual fps which is reported in the interface.

b) The properties that are important are more related to what you want to do and not specifically to RR.

The main realization is that your actual fps is bound to the camera fps minus the time it takes to process each frame. To increase your fps you will need to use modules that are not very taxing on the system or reduce the frame/image size. Once you then get very close to the actual fps of the camera (normally 30fps) then you can get cameras with faster fps to further increase that rate ... but if your pipeline requires 1/2 a second to run it doesn't matter what fps your camera will do ... you will still run at 2 frames a second.

You also need to watch lighting levels. Often camera will slow down their effective fps on darker images to ensure good exposure ... so be sure to have enough light when doing fps testing.


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