Crash Reporting on Each Startup
John Cabrer from United States  [13 posts]
9 year
Whenever I open v2.67.4, I see a prompt to send a crash report, although no crash had occured.  Maybe a crash indicator is not being reset, or it is crashing when I close the applicaition, but not throwing an error.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

What most likely is happening is that the crash file cannot be deleted under the current permissions. When RR is first installed the file is run as admin to ensure access to setup registry settings. If a file is generated during that instance it may not be accessible after you run RoboRealm as you.

To resolve this, just run RoboRealm.exe by right click and "Run as Administrator". Ignore the error which should delete the file and then exit. Now run RR normally and you should not have this issue again.

Alternatively, just delete c:\RoboRealm_Crash.log Note, this may also exist on your Desktop. This is the file that contains the previous crash information and is what triggers the request to send.


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