How to execute/run a robo file
Vy from Canada  [1 posts]
5 years

How do I execute a"robo" file after it has been configured with different modules in the Roborealm application.

Basically, the Roborealm application has been configured to get images from an Axis Camera connected to DLINK router on a robot.  What I don't understand is that how to "trigger" Roborealm to start analyze the image and execute the different modules in the pipeline?  Are the modules executed in sequential order as listed in the pipeline?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1411 posts] 5 years

The easiest way is to just continuously analyse the images coming in ... assuming that you don't have CPU load issues. If you do want to avoid processing when not needed, you can accomplish this in several ways.

I assume you are using the API to access RR? I also assume you do see the modules executing in RoboRealm? If not, press the Run button (upper row).

You can execute a robofile using the rr.loadProgram or the rr.execute API calls. The first will load in a file from disk while the second (execute) will allow you to specify the XML directly. Just look at a .robo file in a text editor and you'll see the XML that the execute function needs. Lastly, you can also configure RR to simply load a robofile on startup (see Options->Startup tab) which means just starting RR will always load the same file.

Have a look at the Enable/Disable Processing or the rr.run("off") followed by rr.run("on") to start processing. The other way is to add an IF_Statement around all the modules and set a variable that will allow processing of what's inside the If_Statement. There are other ways ... but it will depend on what the requirements are for this to determine the best way.

Yes, the modules are executed in sequence ... and the order does matter for imaging modules but less so for communication/etc. modules.

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