EZ-Robot V4 EZ-Builder additional features
8 year
These are new features added to EZ-Builder and thus the EZ-SDK that should allow the link between RoboRealm and EZ-Builder to be able to communicate more than one variable at a time.

new ez-script commands:
- appendarray()
- clearvariables()
- dumpvariables()
- getcontrolvalue()
Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 8 year
David (and Darathian),

I see all the new functions (just download the latest EZ release) but don't see the

GetArraySize( variable )



I checked the site to see if there are release docs but nothing comes up. Can you check the spelling of those?

DumpVariables now allows for a list of EZ variables to be populated but still no luck with getting arrays from EZ without knowing the size ... its possible to use DumpVariables to do that but as more variables are added that becomes quite a load so I'd prefer to avoid using DumpVariables to get all the values for arrays.

Darathian from United States  [21 posts] 8 year

Hope this helps.

I created an array called $X with a size of 3 and added three values inside EZ-Script

If you add a script control inside EZ-Builder and click on the gear you can see all the commands.

I did the following via a TCP (Telnet connection):

EZ-Builder v2014.09.16.00 on TTY0
>$P =GetArraySize("$X")
>print ($P)
Darathian from United States  [21 posts] 8 year

This should take you to the release notes area.

Go to the community tab on the website
Select the release notes tag

or go to

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 8 year
Ok, that seems to work ... what I was looking for was


forgot that print requires parenthesis.

Moving ahead ...

Just out of curiosity, what array from EZBuilder are you interested in?

Darathian from United States  [21 posts] 8 year
What started all of this for me was getting the array variables from avm into ez - builder as an array and to be able to update array variables inside roborealm from ez-builder.

I wasn't thinking of a specific array per se.
Darathian from United States  [21 posts] 8 year
Essentially I want to be able to get any variable from roborealm into ez-builder so I can write code based on the values using ez-script and vice versa.

My first item is to use the avm variables to control my robot mixed with features from ez-builder/script.  To do that I need to be able to send variable values back and forth including arrays.

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 8 year
Ok, arrays should now be able to be received from within RR from EZ-builder.

Latest version has the updated EZ-Robot module.

Darathian from United States  [21 posts] 8 year

Thanks you very much. I am still testing but so far it all seems to work.

I appreciate all the help.


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