Crash report on startup
Pete from United States  [56 posts]
9 year
Hi STeven,

The message to send a crash report happens every time I open RR.  I have selected both the send and ignore several times, but the message keeps appearing on start up.  The program has not crashed and I have closed the program with no issues.  I have selected new with no modules running quit the program, but I still get the crash report message on start up. Also tried opening the program with the control key down.

I would assume you know what is triggering this message to be displayed on start up?  Just started happening a few days ago.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

That's most likely caused by the crash file not being able to be deleted for some reason. You can

1. Find RoboRealm_Crash.log and delete it. It might be in the root folder c:\ or on your desktop or somewhere else.


2. Run RoboRealm just once using right click "Run As Administrator" and that should provide RR the permissions needed to delete that file. You will still get the popup but after you press cancel it should delete it such that next time you will not see the popup.

Still working on your other post! :-)


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