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Daniel Grisham from United States  [1 posts]
9 year
I have a Lynxmotion AL5D, managed to get it connect and working. However, now I would like it to do cool stuff. I would like the arm to see an object, that is in a random place, pick it up and put it some place. I have a small black box, I am going to use as the object. I looked at the tutorials and see the tracking one. Where the arm will follow my friends. But how do I get the arm to go to something?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year
It will depend where the camera is relative to the arm. If you have the camera inline with the arm (i.e. its attached to the end effector) then things can be a bit easier. A very simple method then is to move the arm towards the object as seen relative to the camera, i.e. if the object is left relative to the center of the image then move the robot a bit left. Because you have a closed loop system (camera->robot movement->camera->etc) you can do this iterative movement without knowing much about the camera or robot coordinate space.

If your arm does not have the camera installed things are a lot more difficult and you will have to explore how to transform the objects position from camera space (i.e. the view the camera sees) to robot space (i.e. what the robot can reach). This is best left to one of the online courses that you can take in robotics (check MIT or Khan) to explain how to do this. As its not a vision task we leave that to other applications. The detection of the object is a vision task but once that information is determined the transform of the object coordinates is not something we have a module for ... at least yet.

daniel grisham from United States  [1 posts] 9 year
Thanks I was thinking of mounting the camera above the space. Is there an easy way to tell the arm where the box is at? Or will I have to tell each servo.

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