Random Disconnects with Distributor Client
4 years


I have an old Roborealm code that worked correctly on Roborealm version 2.61.43 before upgrading to Roborealm version 2.61.44. The code was in charge of acquiring video from a Microsoft LiveCam webcam and streaming the video data to another computer with Roborealm using the 'Distributor Client' module. Now after upgrading the old setup crashes randomly and loses video feed. Sometimes it works for a few minutes and some times it consistently refuses to connect. I have a feeling camera support options were changed during the new release of Roborealm.

Does anybody have and ideas or suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance,
Andrei Kolomenski
Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 4 years

Are you getting any crash report send requests when you re-run RR after one of those crashes? If so, can you allow it to send the data to us?

I've checked the distributor modules and it doesn't seem like anything is wrong nor any significant changes to those modules from one version to the next ... but you never know if the small change to the app caused some other un-intended effect. Having the crash report will pinpoint the issue better.


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