Object detection, recognition and counting on measurement basis
4 years
Hi all Roboream experts,

after have read many topics, I'm here just to understand better if the Roborealm software can do what I must do.

In the particular case, for first I must detect some object in motion in front of my webcam.
The object are of irregular shape but with a good distance between them.

For the detecting phase I'm not particular worried, 'cause the objects are in full contrast with the background.

My first question is: can I recognize, when the object it's detected, if this presents some defects?
For example, my object it's a small piece of black plastic.
If the piece it's totally black, it's ok, otherwise, if this presents some white spot on the surface, it's not ok.
How can I recognize this difference?
With image testing?

Then, another doubt I have is: can I count the number of object that pass in front of webcam if the size is major then 100 pixel (for example) ?

For what I've read, the size measurement of an object, it's possible with a comparison from the mesurement in pixel and the real measure of the object in the reality.
It's correct?
For example, if I put my webcam to a constant distance from the object, and if I define that an amount of pixel correspond relatively to an amount of centimeters or inches, can I have a confident result very near to the real size of the object?
Than again, what's the module I can utilize to calculate the dimension in pixel of object in Roborealm?

Sorry for the amount of question.

I will start to gentle ask you this clarification if they find application in Roborealm.

Thank you so much in advance.

Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 4 years
Yes, most of what you are asking about is possible depending on which module is used. To answer your concerns more specifically we would need an example image or preferably a video (if you want to see this working on multiple images) that can be used. As we can interpret your description in many ways it is always best to have an image as an example.

If you can also include an image that shows what things you want to quantify (i.e. circle or indicate them in some other color like red) that will help too.


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