Get distance of multiple Fiducials
Michaël from France  [3 posts]
10 year

I am currently working on a robot which uses cameras and fiducials on the wall to localize itself in a room.

I found your software and I want to test it before buy.

I am programming in visual C++ and adapted the example given. Actually I found how to get the distance from a fiducial with the variable "FIDUCIAL_DISTANCE" (which is not specified in documentation! or I don't look at the right page).

The problem is that I need to be more precise, so I wanted to use two fiducials instead of one to get distance and angle and the "FIDUCIALS" variables doesn't provide this value!

Is this another variables which could give this information for multiple markers?


PS: My English is not very good and I apologize if by advance if the answer is already on this website and that I wouldn't have understood it!

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

When you now select the "create array" checkbox it will also create an array for each property including the distance for all recognized fiducials in the image. Note, these arrays are NOT sorted in any way but are ordered relative to each other. Thus FIDUCIAL_CONFIDENCE_ARRAY[1] is referring to the same fiducial as FIDUCIAL_SIZE_ARRAY[1] is.

v.2.62.4 has this update.


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