Justin Ratliff from United States  [8 posts]
5 years

I'm a user of the EZ-Robot and so super excited to see an interface in RoboRealm now.  I'm trying out the EZRobot_Variables module.  I see the list of preset variables that I can send to EZ-Builder.  Is there a way to send my own custom variables?  I see how I can added variables to receive from EZ-Builder, I just don't see how to add ones that can be sent?

SO AWESOME that you added this interface STeven, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Steven Gentner from United States  [1412 posts] 5 years

Glad we could help!

The idea was that you could use Set_Variables module to create any variable that would then appear in the list of RR variables that could be sent. But since this is not always the best way, we've added an Add New Variable button to that interface which can be used to add variables that may become active at a later date (like the mouse click variables). That should take care of that issue.

Please download the latest RR version for this addition.


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