Arduino Controling Roborealm via serial. (not the other way around)
rksolar from Brazil  [4 posts]
8 year

I would like to know if there´s a way of switching between different roborealm behaviours via external serial control.

What i have in mind is for example, have an external arduino-driven "remote control" , so when i press (e.g.) button 1 roborealm will track a red object. When i press button 2, roborealm will "follow" an object/navigate to beacon , when i press button 3 roborealm will track my face. And so on, so forth..

i don´t want to be clicking away on a laptop to operate the robot. I want to set it to different behaviours at the push of a button. The laptop will only be there to run Roborealm and process the images, since there isn´t a way of having a completely onboard solution.

I would appreciate any replies, and sorry if this has been addressed before. I couldn´t find it.

rksolar from Brazil  [4 posts] 8 year
Come on guys, i can´t believe that no one ever wanted to switch between behaviours via external input ?!

Someone has got to have at least some info to contribute here..  :(
Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 8 year
This is certainly possible if you configure the DIO pins as an input. Using the arduino module you can monitor one or more pins and then change a variable to a particular setting. Based on this setting either IF_Statement modules that surround specific code (i.e. your behaviours) would execute or not based on the variable setting. Its essentially like in traditional programming languages where you use a check to execute code or not based on some condition.

If you really want to get fancy, you can even set the variable to contain a tab name that is called with the Call module to execute a specific tab based on a variable setting.

There are many ways to do what you are asking which is probably why the initial question was a bit confusing.

We often use this method for a pause button on a robot or device that allows us to pause the system without having to look for the right key on a keyboard. Keep in mind that you are not really controlling a PC from an Arduino but that the PC is reacting to inputs from the Arduino. The end result is the same .. just easier to think of it as reacting rather than controlling (or maybe not!).


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