Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye
johnbob from United States  [2 posts]
4 years
I use  The Code Laboratories Playstation Eye module to process my images but the frame rate is lower than what I can see on its software.

How can I reach the maximum frame rate of the PE ?
Steven from United States  [1401 posts] 4 years

There are many reasons for this. First, be sure that you are NOT running anything in the pipeline as that can cause the pipeline to slow. You can only validate the fps before any modules are running. Next be sure to have upped the max processing rate Options button->Other tab->Max Processing FPS. Zero means as-fast-as-possible which is what you want it set to.

Then check that you don't have any other USB devices running. USB devices will slow as the bus gets saturated (i.e. if you are running multiple webcams). As that's a hardware issue you can try using different usb ports on your computer but that's just trial and error.

Also try reducing the image size which if that helps to increase the FPS means the USB bus is saturated.

Otherwise, you may simply need a faster machine to keep up with the data stream.


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