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Nemanya Sedoglavich from United States  [14 posts]
4 years
Under the Options in the Kiosk tab, there is an option to put in a title which works fine. However, when I access open the program through the API the title does not come up, but is replaced by a generic "RoboRealm version - Current.robo" statement. What can I do to get the title I want to appear?

Another brief question. Under the Options in the Application tab, there are "Higher Bit Images" options High, Low, Sqrt. What do they do? It is not documented on the website.

Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 4 years

This has been corrected. The kiosk title should remain even when opening robofiles or images via the API.

Nemanya Sedoglavich from United States  [14 posts] 4 years
When I looked at it, it still does not display the title. Attached is the snaphot of what it looks like. It does however update the title when I exit and enter the kiosk mode.



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