Cuda, multicore and 64bit support?
5 years
I think it would be nice if RR starts to support Multicore CPUs and Cuda enabled graphics cards, since most of embedded computers manufacturers are moving towards solutions Tegra based or GTX based Having low speed Processors onboard but lots of cuda cores.

Also Microsoft is moving toward 64 bit only based applications decreasing 32 support and windows XP is no longer supported starting april this year.

I think having these three things on RR would be a great improvement and will attract more people to adopt this powerful program, Especially makers that have little knowledge about programming but a lot of ideas to build cool stuff...

Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 5 years
Thanks for your suggestions. RR already does support multiple CPUs in many of the more taxing modules (OCR, Stereo, Object Recognition, etc.) and we are researching the latest developments with CUDA (we've actually been watching that for a while but haven't dipped into that just yet). If've you have not yet seen Gizmo ... that's worth a look!

We will be releasing a 64 bit version later this year too not for increased performance but for better compatibility with newer drivers. Currently, many hardware vendors still only have 32 bit drivers which a 64bit app cannot use ... which is one of the reasons this has not been a top priority. While RR does use a lot of memory, we're not aware of anyone to date needing more than 4 gig.


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