General question
Hroub from Jordan  [1 posts]
5 years
programming language of roborealm c , java .. etc?
why is it considered to be faster than openCv in general?
floor finder model what color and texure descriptor was it built on?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1411 posts] 5 years
RoboRealm is written in C/C++

Not sure where you read that its considered faster than OpenCV. We don't claim that all of RR is faster than OpenCV as it will depend on what you are doing. Some modules will be faster than OpenCV counterparts and some will be slower. What we do claim is that we do things differently than OpenCV which provides everyone another possibility of having something work in RR that doesn't in OpenCV.

For the floor finder, the color model is RGB (not optimal but fast). The Texture descriptor is based on edge segmentation (Sobel).


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