Depth marker data format
Guenter Wendel from Germany  [13 posts]
9 year
using only Depth (RawDepth) with my Kinect I get 640x480 pixel on the display, origin: lower left corner.
When I use a separate marker (imaginatively named “marker”), with  rr.GetImage("marker")  I get the data in a 640x480 format with the origin in the upper left corner. This is perfect for my algorithm to transform the depth data to the robot coordinate system and it works sufficiently  (Errormax < 3cm).
To avoid the separate marker I set the Marker checkbutton in the interface and load the data with rr.GetImage(“KINECT_DEPTH”).  But now width is 480 and height is 640.
How can I transform this 480x640 data format to a 640x480 format with the origin in the upper left corner?

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Software: RR 2.58.11, Microsoft_Kinect Module, Python_API
Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 9 year

Thanks for the note, there was an accidental switch of the width and height being set when that marker was being created. This has now been fixed in 2.59.4 and should act just like when you set the marker after the kinect module.


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