Image flicker using OpenNI Kinect camera
thomas from United States  [3 posts]
4 years
Having a bit of a problem.
Using the example 'track red object' and selecting 'OpenNI Kinect' as my camera.
When either viewing the actual camera image or black screen with red highlights for tracking, I'm getting a lot of flickering.  
I plan on using cogX as a reference but with the flickering the cog box jumps all over the screen.
Also noticed getting a few primesense errors, where primesense has to shut down.
Any help appreciated.

Steven from United States  [1401 posts] 4 years

I assume you are seeing this flickering also in the RGB image? Note that you will get some noise in an image but the COG shouldn't move more than a couple pixels one a stationary image.

What it sounds like is that you are having power issues. If you are running this from a laptop, try plugging in the laptop to main AC power as some will reduce the power to USB connections when on battery mode. Yes, I know, the Kinect as its own power but it still draws quite a bit from the laptop even with its own power. We came across this issue when using the Kinect with a netbook on battery.

If you are all powered up and still get massive flickering, most likely you then have a hardware problem. If you can borrow another Kinect to test on the same hardware that will help deduce if that's the problem or not.


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