Serial communication from colour filter
Kris Dummett from United Kingdom  [2 posts]
7 years
I want to be able to differentiate between a yellow/green tennis ball and an orange golf ball in order to send serial communication data to an arduino uno and arduino motor shield in order to extend a linear actuator when the tennis ball is seen and for the actuator to be retracted when the ball is not seen likewise the golf ball will cause no action. the balls will be on a light brown background (soil) and the webcam feeding the pc with initial info will be moving over the top of the objects.

The general ide is that I want to know how I can set Roborealm to only 'see' the tennis ball and then send out a serial signal to the arduino microcontroller when it does in order to extend a linear actuator.

Many thanks in advance!
Steven from United States  [1425 posts] 7 years

Can you post a image of what you would expect to see from the camera?


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