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dexter from United States  [3 posts]
10 year
Hi STven,
I want to do cross browser testing with RoboRealm.
[Problem]- I want to open web page in Mozilla-firefox  and then open same webpage in Chrome, and want to  verify whether web page is looking same in both the browsers.

[My Solution]- capture image in Mozilla firefox , then save the image, then again capture image in chrome and then compare both the images.. but how to do that in RoboRealm ?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

Its certainly possible to do ... we've actually done something similar (comparing pages from one version of an app to the next) but it does require quite a bit of lower level programming. The problem is that while you could use something like the Execute module to run both browsers you don't know when they are ready to be captured. Perhaps you can just wait X seconds and then capture the browser image but that may not always be reliable.

The second issue you will have is in capturing the image of the browser. If you use the Screen Capture module that will work but only when that particular browser is in view. I.e. you will have to ensure that the window is in focus before capturing the image from that app.

The third issue you will have is that each browser does display pages slightly differently. While HTML is a standard even when 100% two browsers will do slightly different things. I'm assuming you are already aware of these differences which would need to be eliminated to avoid a false positive.

What I would first do is to manually take a capture of a page from both browsers, use the Load module to load in each image and assign a marker name to them and they try the align image module to see what differences you see. If you find the resulting information to be what you are looking for then you can explore the automatic launching of the browsers to a specific page.

FYI, this is a rather complex problem with quite a few industries focused on solving it. I suspect that a quick search would probably yield an application that is built to do this already.


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