tracking IR-LEDs
9 years
For a work in progress with a dancer I do color tracking to create sound with SuperCollider sending OSC messages from RR.
This works great.
Now,  I'd like that the dancer is able to create sounds even in darkness.
For this reason I made a small battery powered PCB with 12 IR-LEDs.
Using an IR-camera RR detects the LEDs very well but I can't figure out what kind of filter I have to use, as color tracking want work.
?Is there a possibility to track IR_LED's

Thanks Martin

Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 9 years

Assuming you just want to track the PCB that's certainly possible just using illumination checks which are typically more reliable than color. You could even get somewhat fancy and do different things based on the pattern that the leds generate assuming you can switch on/off individual leds.

You can think of each of these lights like a non-colored laser light. Try the attached ... you'll need many more images to check that it detects them reliably. I'm not sure what distance this will finally be used at which will determine if you can detect the individual leds or just as a single clump.

Note that we are detecting all points and then averaging them together to create a final COMBINED_LASER_X and Y that is the center point.



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