Challenges with fiducial recognition when on the ground
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We are having trouble getting the Fiducial marker module to recognize markers that are on the ground.  We have been able to use perspective correction module to improve the recognition ability of the Fiducuial Marker module but this causes two problems.

1) When we change the perspective to match markers on the ground we can no longer get a match for the markers on the wall.
2) The perspective correction causes the distance and (X, Y) coordinates for the marker to not be the same as in the original image.
3) Matching only occurs at a distance as the robot gets closer the matching fails

As of right now my thought is to have two tabs one with the modules necessary to match markers on the floor and another to match markers on the wall.  I am wondering before doing that if there is a better approach.  I have attached three representative pictures of the markers locations in the environment.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

Yes, using more than one point of view can certainly help. The fiducial system does take into account perspective warping but only to a certain degree.

If you  have a chance, can you post the images that you mentioned and we can take a look to see if the module can be configured to work in both situations.

I suspect that working with the field of view and focal length parameters one may be able to get better results in both situations .. but that will depend on the camera being used (I assume its the same model for the floor versus the wall?)

Anonymous 10 year
We were able to rearrange the course to allow the fiducials to be at camera level so that they are no longer warped

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