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sourabh from India  [4 posts]
10 year
Hi, I am a new user for this software. I really like ROBOREALM
I am very happy and satisfied to see these many features and want to learn more about practical usage of these.
as if now,
I want to control parallel port and blink LEDs.
using FACE detection, I mean if, 1 face is detected then LED should glow and if face is not detected then led should not glow.
I went through your tutorials and examples but dot able to do it. how can I send a video of steps followed by me.
when I click on the check box near bit, it automatically unchecks  it self.
I have put my led in 2nd pin and earth in 24th pin of LPT1

Thanks :)

Anonymous 10 year
please reply somebody
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year
You have it about right ... I'd remove the FACE_COUNT from pins 3,4,5 since you are not using those and just keep the FACE_COUNT on pin 2.

That should do it ... but perhaps either your electronics are not correct (do you have the LED the right way around?) or your PC is not allowing RR to access the Parallel port (to be sure, right click on RR.exe and select 'run as admin').

You should also be able to remove the FACE_COUNT variable from pin 2 and just manually select the checkbox which should turn off and on the LED.

If you find that the checkbox is turning on and off out of your control, then RR is not able to talk with the parallel port and something permission based is going on (see run as admin above).

Be sure that your PC also recognizes the parallel port ... those devices are ancient and not really being supported anymore.


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