Sending Variables from Roborealm to Labview Using NetworkTables
Jake from United States  [1 posts]
5 years
Hello everybody, this is our teams first year using Roborealm and we love it, but we are having some trouble sending the X and Y cords. from Roborealm, through the NetworkTables module, and into Labview for processing. But we only have one computer, so we need some assistance on how we would send the variables through a "network" and into Labview. Any help  would be great.
Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 5 years

first make sure that you have all the most recent updates on both RR and the Network tables. The code was constantly being updated last year during the build and competition period so its best to ensure you have all the latest.

What I'd first do is to fire up the tableviewer and check that you can see the variables that you intend to send to labview in that. This will isolate the issue to either the RR side or the LabView side and help you to focus on that.

Keep in mind the namespace being used (delimited by the /). If you don't set that right, LabView will not see it correctly. Again, see what's coming into the tableviewer from RR and verify that this is what you'd expect to see in LabView.

To start, try sending the IMAGE_COUNT variable (since that changed on live video) and see if you can get that over.



for more information on the RR side.


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