Problem with getting my pipe program to work
videogamer555  [3 posts]
5 years
I have just created the simplest possible pipe program.

I made it literally take each packet sent to it, byte for byte, and send it right back to roborealm. This should allow the video stream to keep going (with no image processing of any kind). Problem is, IT DOESN'T. Instead RR keeps waiting for the return data, EVEN THOUGH IT IS BEING SENT BACK VERBATIM AS RR HAD SENT IT OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Is it possible that RR's pipe receiver is unable to recognize the very format it sends out?

How could something so simple be so troublesome? Is it possible that there is a bug in the Pipe module of roborealm?

Is the pipe supposed to be in "message at a time" mode, or "byte accumulation" mode? What is the proper RX buffer and TX buffer sizes? These specs (that will be NEEDED for an end user to develop a pipe program) are NOT provided ANYWHERE on the RR site. This leaves the developer just GUESSING at what settings to use.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1408 posts] 5 years
Perhaps you missed this page


which has a link to


which includes a Pipe example in cpp. If you run the exe file that is in the Pipe/Release folder you can add the Pipe_Program and execute it. It still seems to work for me.

All the values you are asking about are in that main.cpp file.

Perhaps you can also post what you have ...


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