do i have to put codes ...?
sam from Egypt  [11 posts]
6 years

Do I have to put cods to every function I want to do? For ex. I want to run motors to track movement can I do that throw setting or I have to put cods? If so is there any libr. I can find ready cods?
Another qoustion I am using trial vergin if I buy the liscince is there any devrence in the function ?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1416 posts] 6 years

I assume by cods you mean codes which you actually mean a form of programming languge? If that's the case then the answer is "sort of". RoboRealm uses what we can modules (you can think of them as functions) to perform tasks. I suggest you have a look at the tutorial section to get a better idea of what RR can do and how you add "cods" to the application. Or jump to the middle of the intro video to see how it is used.


There is no difference between the trial version and the licensed one with the exception that the licensed version does NOT expire.


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