Handwriting/Signature Detection/Extraction
Eric Lenington from United States  [1 posts]
7 years
I'm curious to know if anyone has experimented detecting and extracting handwriting? One example is the signature on a check, detecting the signature and then "isloating" it from the background, so you end up with a transparent graphic of just the "ink" with the background removed. This is fairly easy to do under controlled circumstances, if you're starting with a high-quality scanner, which using light and optics, is able to create a high-contrast image. But using a generic camera under "room lighting" conditions, it's quite a challenge. I'm hoping that some of the Roborealm machine vision capabilities might be applied to this.
Steven from United States  [1425 posts] 7 years

We've not done this under room conditions which is probably quite tricky to do. Given that understanding handwriting is hard enough, throwing in the possibility of noise generated by pictures/images behind the writing will further complicate things. That's why check images are the way they are, under the appropriate waveform handwriting can be perfectly segmented and then fed into an OCR of sorts.

I wonder how the new phone apps that capture images of checks and automatically deposits them work. They are essentially getting an image in a room environment and somehow determining what the check value is. That might be an area to experiment with and see how you can get that to fail.

Good research project though!


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