Tracck eye with arduino
Sav Kokk from Greece  [1 posts]
6 years
Hello, i am student on Automation in Greece. I have a project which need to track where is the eye ( where i look ) , and move something. I want to make it with arduino + cmucam4 . My problem is that i want capture or send the info to my controler on black-white and no to RGB. Any idea ?

The idea is to be done without PC. Only microcontroler and camera
Steven Gentner from United States  [1416 posts] 6 years

While we know about the CMUCam we've not worked with it directly. Unless you are sending back a very small image to the Arduino you will have bandwidth problems and CPU processing problems. I'm sure its possible, we've just never had the need to do that.

You may want to explore other options like a Raspberry PI with a webcam. Also not as fast as a PC but you will certainly get a much more flexible system for about the same price.


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