blob tracking, triangle question
numu from Austria  [4 posts]
6 years
i have to apologize in advance for this newbie post, but im sure you can head me quite easily to the right direction :)

id like to track 3 pingpong balls merge them to a triangle and have X, Y and heading of the triangle as a output (accually the same as the fiducial modul is doing, wich works fine, but i want to do it in a dark room).

accually i did have success once with the blob_filter and a small VBScript, but as soon as one of the blobs went out of the picture the VBScript stopped working.

you may got any easy solution ?
in the end it should work with 2 ps3eyes and the mosaik filter, to lower the possibility of failing detection.

thanks ! and best regards
Steven Gentner from United States  [1411 posts] 6 years
Hard to help without an example image and your robofile ... otherwise we'd just be guessing at what is going wrong.

Can you post them here?


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